I run because I CAN.

Yesterday was such an incredible day at the NERD run. We beat our goal and raised over $2500 for the GBS foundation and for peripheral nerve research at the NMHI. I ran over 5 km in about 28 minutes, which was me best time I have EVER ran.

Thank you Global News and City News for sharing our stories, it is such great awareness for Guillain Barre Syndrome.  Thank you to my fellow GBS survivors Kit and Jenny, and my bf Jordan and stepddad Dennis, for doing the run with me. And thank you to everyone that donated!! I am feeling so proud and my heart is so full!



“I run for Guillain Barre Sundrome. I run for the funding needed to learn more about about this rare disease. I run for the research needed to one day find a cure. I run for the families that are impacted by this devastating illness. I run for those whose lives were tragically taken from complications from GBS. I run for the survivors that are left with residuals and weakness, and can longer run. I run for the survivors that are left with disabilities, that can no longer walk. I run because I am so fortunate that I can.”




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