10 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Anna says:

    I am a student in occupational therapy and we watched your youtube video as a class. It was so unbelievably inspiring to watch you overcome such a struggle. I wish I had your determination to take care of my body like you did after you started to walk again. If only I could appreciate the potential that my body has to feel good if I take care of it right like you do! If you ever come to NYC, we would love to have you as an inspiration speaker to speak about your journey and how medical personnel helped you achieve your goals! Thank you for your courage and amazing heroism!

    • hollygerlach says:

      Hi Anna!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video, it makes me happy to hear it being shown in classes. It’s great awareness for GBS. If I come to New York I would absolutely love to come speak! Thanks again.


  2. Kristin says:

    Holly, i am a medical student and was given the GBS and had to do a powerpoint to present to the class. When i came across your video it brought tears to my eyes in class. I told myself “i have to share this video! how inspiring”. I am so happy that i did, i enjoyed doing research on GBS and now share with so many people about your story. Truly inspiring. Thank You.

  3. Judy says:

    What a miracle your story is! I had been reading about GBS recently, because I had a relative who was hospitalized with Campylobacter jejuni, and we were told that there is a risk of developing GBS after having this particular infection. Fortunately my relative has not developed GBS, but reading about it was scary. I am a nurse and I appreciate you sharing your story, so more people can learn about this disorder. God bless you and your family!

  4. Matthew says:

    I lovvvved your youtube video!!! I’m an ICU nurse and have a patient with GBS. He’s starting to wean off the vent but he is frustrated and starting to get very depressed. I came across your video and decided to play it for him. It helped a lot, it showed him that there is light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you and your family: your daughter is beautiful!!!

    • hollygerlach says:

      Thanks Matthew !! Weaning if the ventilator was definitely the hardest part of my journey so I feel for your patient. Once he is off the machine things will be a lot easier. Thanks for the nice comment!

  5. Chau says:

    Hi holly
    I am a Physical therapist, I have never seen anyone work so had to get back on there have done a great job, You literally fought with this disease
    You have given me a inspiration to fight too
    I am 28 year old recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, everyday I struggle with pain and dizziness, it has been a difficult time, I had to quite my job
    After reading your blogs, I feel I can get my life back
    Thank you so much for inspiring me
    I wish you and your daughter happy and healthy life
    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Karsyn says:

    WOW!!! You are the greatest inspiration. I didn’t think you would get through this experience! You are so amazing! I can not believe that you even survived! I am so glad that you pulled through!!!!!!!😄😃😀😀☺️😉😂😋😆😇YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!

  7. adriana says:

    Holly what an amazing story! i was wondering your thoughts on vaccination and GBS. i think we are ingesting and injecting too many toxins and these are the results. i believe there is a definite correlation to vaccines and these syndromes and diseases. curious as to your opinion.

    • hollygerlach says:

      Hmmm this is certainly a controversial discussion 😉 but I dont mind sharing my opinion on it at all. Wether doctors and pharmacutal companies will admit it or not, there is DEFINITELY a correlation between vaccines and diseases/complications. Vaccinations like the flu shot CAN bring on GBS and I have met many people whose GBS was brought on by them (mine was not).I myself, with my history with GBS, will never, ever vaccinate myself again. Now all that being said, vaccinations are there to protect from other diseases. So not vaccinating puts you at risk for catching other things as well. I do not vaccinate myself because of my health history, but I do still chose to vaccinate my daughter. Its really just a matter of personal preference. There are risks with everything. Having a child likely brought on my GBS, and I chose not have more children for that reason, but there are millions of people that will continue to have children because the risk of something like GBS happening is low. There are risks with every single thing we do every day, inlcuding vaccines, and the important thing is to be educated about what those risks are, and then make that decision for youself.

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